State and Federal Survey Management and Compliance

  • Mock Surveys – Regulatory Compliance Evaluations
  • Plan of Correction Development and Implementation
  • Approved Consultant by the Bureau of Facility Standards for AL survey issues

System Development and Implementation

  • Skin
  • Nutrition/ Weight loss
  • Incident and Accidents
  • Behavior Management - Psychoactive Drug Use
  • QA/QI

​Interim Administrative and Director of Nursing

  • Skilled Nursing
  • ​Assisted Living

Policy Development

  • Review/revision of current policies
  • Development of new policies to meet State and Federal Regulations

Medical Record Reviews

  • On site or remotely

Staff Education/Training -

  • Behavior Management
  • Psychoactive drug use
  • Director of Nursing/Patient Care - role and responsibilities
  • Quality Improvement